You Can Get Healing Without Getting A Cure

As happens with many intuitives, I frequently get a question around someone’s relative who is wrestling with a serious illness. Almost always, the client will ask if their relative will survive…get better… recover.

What I have to tell them, often, is “they will get a healing, but it may not be a cure.”

What’s the difference?

At the end of our earthly existence, we may get time to do a life review and make peace with where we have been and what we’ve done. It doesn’t always happen that way — no child in Uvalde was ready to leave their body by gunshot — but when there has been a long-time illness, death has always been a shadow sitting quietly in the corner, waiting to be part of the conversation.

To ignore that, to keep promising them they will get better, to deny them the opportunity to look the eventual reality in the face — and worse, to beg them not to leave when they are in a coma or clearly getting ready to exit the body — can sometimes be enough to keep them here beyond when they want to leave.

I have heard countless stories about a person hanging on beyond all reason until their loved ones told them it was all right to go to the Light, to go on to the next adventure.

Even other psychics can get caught up in loving someone too much to let them go.

A few years back, a long time fellow intuitive that so many of us loved and respected was in a rehab center in the process of transitioning out of the body. They had been ill for a long time, and there was no longer any quality of life.

Yet so many people around them were trying to heal them — and clearly such actions were doing something, because the rehab people could not understand why their patient had not yet let go. This person danced on the edge of the precipice, but would not take the step off the edge.

Here is my perspective, with the understanding not everyone may agree: when there is no hope of quality of life…when staying here means illness, pain and debilitation… then to pray for their highest good is enough.

To reassure them that if they are ready to transition, we understand and we will love them through it and release them with gratitude for the time they have been in our lives.

To pray for a cure for them, to beg Spirit that they conquer the illness, with the belief that YOU know better than their own soul what they need — is that kind, true or necessary?

Yes, we will miss them. Yes, we would rather have them around.

But deepest love, especially for those of us who have experienced the Other Side in our work, is knowing when to let go and let someone fly.

It is always acceptable and compassionate to pray for someone’s healing.

Just as long as it isn’t a demand that beyond all reason they be cured.



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Corbie Mitleid

Corbie Mitleid

Psychic medium & channel since 1973. Author. Certified Tarot Master, past life specialist. I take my work seriously, me not so much.