When Spirit Guides Go Silent

As I say constantly — to clients and on podcasts — EVERYONE has the capability to do the kind of divination and psychic work I do. That’s because we’re all “wired” like houses built from the same construction plan.

What’s the difference between those who get messages and those who don’t?

I call it the “circuit breaker” (made up of your belief systems, your cultural conditioning, and your honest desire to access that kind of Knowing). The more open you are, the more the circuit breaker is set for the power — the Knowing — to flow.

That wiring and circuit-breaker in all of us means can benefit from taking basic psychic awareness classes. But how your Higher Self configured your wiring for this incarnation can determine how you receive things.

For example, I have a colleague who is very good at getting names and numbers in her mediumship. Another one has an instantaneous Knowing of minute details that astonishes me, even after years of friendship where I get to observe her work.

My abilities tend more toward pictures, feelings and physical structure of those who have passed. Does that mean I’m a “lesser” medium?

Not at all, I just have a different set of keys, if you will. There’s never any comparison on worth among a particle physicist, a geneticist or a biochemist, is there? They all are seeking scientific knowledge through the “keys” that they resonate with best.

Most of the time, if you really want to access a precise kind of information, you can “stretch” and work with your wiring so that the information is available to you.

So let’s say that you’ve been practicing, and you’re that you’re getting correct messages from your Guides.

What happens when all of a sudden you stop “getting heavenly mail?”

Does it mean you’ve done something wrong, or that they have simply up and left?

Never, ever, ever think that.

Check and see if there are other things (stress, work, a different life-focus) that are putting your celestial connections on the back burner.

Accept the idea that maybe you’re doing so well on your own that your Guides feel you don’t need the Upstairs nudge.

Or it could be that your ability to connect with your Guides has become so second-nature that you don’t even realize when it happens!

Whatever the reason, please relax. Enjoy the flow.

You can trust that you’ll get the information you need by whatever method your personal Guides and Angels feel are best for you at the moment.



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Corbie Mitleid

Psychic medium & channel since 1973. Author. Certified Tarot Master, past life specialist. I take my work seriously, me not so much. https://corbiemitleid.com