What is a Soul Plan?

Corbie Mitleid
5 min readJan 22, 2022
The key to all of our experiences in each lifetime is our pre-birth plan.

The idea of a “Soul Plan” is a popular one. Who wouldn’t like to think that whatever happens in one’s life isn’t random, but has meaning? There are a few ideas out there about what a Soul Plan is, but the one we discuss here is based on my work in Robert Schwartz’s bestselling series.

When I talk about your Soul Plan, I’m talking about your pre-birth planning: in company with your guides, angels, and the other souls you will encounter in this incarnation, you decide what your challenges, your learning opportunities, and your contracts will be while you are on the Earthplane in a particular body and timeline.

Why is knowing your Soul Plan important?

When you realize that the plans you made before you were born included all the “tough stuff” you have to go through — relationship roller coasters, health challenges, financial ups and downs, career trials and tribulations and all the rest of what Life can throw at you — you think far less about the idea that “God/Fate/Karma really has it in for me” and more about “how can I take all these things that have happened to me and use them to grow and make my life better?”

Think the first way and you feel powerless and put-upon. Think the Soul Plan way and you realize that YOU are the engineer driving your life experiences, no matter where the train track may lead.

Your soul is like your palm, with each finger being an incarnation — all connected.

It also helps to remember that this body you are in, this personality you’ve chosen, is like a costume, a coat in your closet. It’s a part your soul has chosen to play.

I often tell people that the Soul (or Higher Self) is very much like a hand and fingers. The palm of your hand is like your entire soul, everything that you ever were, are, or will be. (How is that possible? Remember that the Soul lives OUTSIDE of time and space.)

Now, look at each of your fingers. See how much smaller they are than the entire palm? That’s what an incarnation is like: smaller, far more limited.

Part of the soul comes down and animates this physical incarnation, from birth to death, and then brings back to the entire Soul self the lessons and experiences of that single life, to integrate into the Soul’s understanding of the Universe.

If everything is a room is white, how can you understand what “white” is in the first place?

Why does the Soul choose a Soul Plan experience? B

ecause an Earth-based life, with all its duality, choice and limited scope, brings light and understanding in a way an existence that is completely outside of time and space won’t comprehend.

There’s the famous example of the “white room” — if you are in a room where the walls are white, the floor is white, the furnishings and everything contained within it is white — how will you understand what “white” is in the first place?

You need contrast; you need separation to understand the whole. And that is why, when you decide your Soul Plan in a pre-birth planning session, you choose things that are NOT always happy, or pleasant, or fulfilling. You set challenges for yourself, and you agree to the concept of “free will.”

In life, we all have choices — what actions to take, what road to walk. That’s Free Will.

“Free will” within the personality is what makes a Soul Plan really work.

The child who is given a subject to learn, but then given NO chance to get it wrong or to question what is taught, merely parrots back what is put in front of it. It doesn’t learn why something is true, or why learning it is better than not learning it, or learning it incorrectly.

Free will allows us to learn, again by choosing which path to follow from life moment to life moment. In a challenging situation, do we choose to move toward it and work with it in compassion and understanding, or do we fall into fear and mistrust?

The more we move toward understanding a situation on all the positive scales — trust, faith, compassion, gratitude, fearlessness, creativity — the more we move toward what our Soul truly is (and the highest goals it was hoping to achieve as it made its pre-birth plans).

We understand the “white room” of Oneness because we’ve been out of it, and in the world with all its differing colors of difficulties, duality and separation; but we choose to move toward Oneness again. Free will is choice, and using our free will signifies we’re willing to own a situation and our work within it.

When you go right back to Source, we are all connected.

All of these lessons engineered within our Soul Plan are to remind us of who we are at our core — that we are not these personality coats, with their prejudices, limitations and difficulties.

The more we remember within these flesh-coats and personality-roles who we truly are, the more we can bring Heaven to Earth, and demonstrate to others that they, too, are Souls playing roles, rather than these limited beings who tread on the Earthstage for a few decades and disappear.

Because, when you go right back to Source, we are all connected, we are all, if you will, Inter-beings, then the lessons and healings that happen to one Soul within one existence brings back lessons and healing to the entirety of All We Are.



Corbie Mitleid

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