We’re All Facing A Tower Card Moment

Corbie Mitleid
4 min readFeb 24, 2022

I’d bet every one of my favorite divination tools that a lot of blogposts today are going to be about Ukraine.

· Some are going to be terrified.

· Some are going to be blaming (Russia) (Ukraine)(America) (NATO)(Putin)(Biden)(Trump)(Democrats)(Republicans)

· Some are going to see this as the end of the world.

· Some are going to cheer for what they see as the impending Rapture and End Times.

· Some are going to offer thoughts and prayers, and tell Jesus to fight the Devil.

· Some are going to merely shrug and say “not happening here, and all my angels/spirit guides/magic woodgies are going to keep me safe, lovenlight everybody.”

But as I always do during times of Things I Cannot Stop But Are Here Nonetheless, I go for the Examined Life formula:

Okay, it’s happening, and I cannot escape being within it.

What do I need to learn from it?

What can I teach by going through it?

What’s next?

Whether you use Tarot, or Astrology, or any other tool, everything is pointing to one cold fact: the world that we knew in 2019 is gone forever. The formula of COVID, supply chain issues, inflation, the resurgence of authoritarianism, political polarization about virtually every subject in so many countries assures us of that.

The old rules don’t apply. They CAN’T. So stop wishing for them.

Can you say that two years under the Regime of the Big Bug has left you unaffected? I doubt it.

The key is, can we take what we lost and dig through the rubble to see what might be gained?

We should. And we must.

The difficulty with years of relative normalcy is that we become complacent. We assume what we have is what we will always have, and what will always be there.

Then, when things like irrevocable climate change, war, economic fracturing happen to us, we don’t know how to think, where to start.

We are numb with fear or enraged and fight back like a cornered feral dog, snapping and snarling because we are so scared we assume everything that comes near us wants to hurt us.

Now, my friends, is when you have to look in the mirror and say “somehow, on some level, I volunteered to be here at this point in time.”

The way to combat fear is to take action, even if it is just to clear your mind, stare in the mirror and recognize who you are.

If you are here, there is value in your being here to walk TOWARD change, not run from it. Because change is going to catch you one way or the other, by tripping you up or meeting you face to face.

And facing something is always more empowering than being attacked from behind because you couldn’t run fast enough.

· Find your friends. Reconnect. Hold hands even virtually.

· Assess what you have, what you can do without, what you can share.

· Listen objectively to what is being said around you, and tamp down the visceral reaction in favor of the objective response.

· Accept completely that there are parts of your world that will never come back: decide what will be your new normal — and embrace it.

· Be aware of the fact that every single news communication has an emotional charge within it. Nobody you will listen to, see, or read is a Vulcan, so don’t expect pure logic.

· Whether you are a GenZ or a Boomer, looking back to see how you used to respond is like fighting this war with the last war’s weapons and will never work (a military truism).

· This is your opportunity to throw away every single thing you allow to stop your growth, your expanding humanity, your heart and your courage.

Remember the Tower Card. It is not doom, gloom and destruction, but can be seen as the opportunity to clear the ground of the old, useless constructs we’ve made for ourselves and build anew.

Maybe we could have done it without so much immediate collapse, but we didn’t manage that. And thus, here we are.

So now, get out of the way of the falling rubble, and decide what you will build in its place — in your heart, in your house, in your neighborhood, in your world.

Not in terms of “lovenlight” but boots on the ground, nourishment to feed others, a candle to hold high against the dark, and concrete action to create a new, different, supportive, constructive reality.

Time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. I’ll see you out there.

Corbie Mitleid

Psychic medium & channel since 1973. Author. Certified Tarot Master, past life specialist. I take my work seriously, me not so much. https://corbiemitleid.com