Three Ways Tarot Can Predict Your Best Life in 2023

Corbie Mitleid
3 min readDec 10, 2022

What a world! We’ve never been so out of our elements. Most of our usual distractions or ways to center ourselves went out the window in 2020, and even now, we’re not sure when (or IF) it will ever be back to The Way It Used To Be.

So here you are with a pack of Tarot cards and a ton of questions about what’s ahead. Can a card spread help you figure out your future in such a crazy time? It can, if you just remember three things:

You don’t need to be a professional to do your own readings. Your own intuition and self-knowing are two of the most powerful tools you have to move forward in an uncertain world. Learn to listen and trust what your gut is telling you.

And don’t worry if your card interpretation isn’t exactly like its typical meanings. For example, if looking at the Emperor card reminds you have how your father handled tough situations successfully when he was in the hospital, then that is as fully valid as the meaning that you’d find in a standard book of Tarot interpretations.

You need to look at the Long Game. It’s tempting to use the cards to ask “immediate questions” (How safe is my life without masking right now? Will I be able to see my family this month or will someone have Covid/flu/RSV?) but that keeps you stuck in the Stress Section of your life!

If you want to view your Best Life after this sojourn in the Virus Haunted House and Crazyworld, start thinking about what you’d like to have in it.

Perhaps the cards can indicate priorities (A=got to get it back, B=worth looking at or C=it’s no longer who you are or will be).

They can indicate where (and in what form) your best life will be one, three or five years down the line.

Or they can look at how YOU will have grown during this time of Unknown Adventures.

Yes or No never works; always ask how. Empowerment is your big ticket item. If you ask “will my career still be viable?” and you get a no, then what happens? Especially if it’s something you love?

Better to ask the cards “how do I either continue my current career or morph it into something viable in the future?” Then the cards can give you ideas, directions and places to put your energy that you might not have considered without their colorful, archetypal input.

So pull out those cards you had in high school. Order a deck online. And familiarize yourself with new ways of thinking and a novel way of doing a little deep-dish research into who you’ll be when masks and social distancing and the crazies of the Covid years are in the rear-view mirror.



Corbie Mitleid

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