The Value of the Tougher Road

Corbie Mitleid
2 min readApr 13


There is such a subtle poison in comparing yourself to others.

Don’t. Please don’t.

They may sound like their lives make them better than you are — they’re a CEO, or an art director, or a famous chef — or maybe they’re just someone who fits the family trope better than you do; but it’s their route, their life lessons, and their needs.

Look in the mirror, friend, and see yourself.

Could they juggle what you have gone through?

Could they handle the tough roads/the times of dysfunction/the relationships/the illnesses/the career path that you have had to go through to find out who you really are?

Probably not.

Time and again I work with clients who have taken the “scenic route” to get to where they are in life.

And the road may have left them scarred, or bent in some way…perhaps they aren’t where they thought they would be at this point in their life…but they are still here.

They have turned their back on giving up, and forged ahead.

And when I can get them to see and honor their lifepath — and themselves — clearly and with compassion is when I feel I have done my best work.



Corbie Mitleid

Psychic medium & channel since 1973. Author. Certified Tarot Master, past life specialist. I take my work seriously, me not so much.