The 7 Stages of Spiritual Awakening

Corbie Mitleid
5 min readFeb 17, 2022

If the doctor determines you need surgery, he usually doesn’t put down his pad and pen, stand up, and say “okay, I think you need your knee replaced. Let’s just step in here and I’ll get my bone saw…”

If he did, you’d run!

Sure, when your leg is shattered in an accident, the surgical team starts work as soon as they can get you on the table. But that’s a comparatively rare occurrence.

The Stages of Spiritual Awakening are a lot like that.

Like the Stairway to Heaven (thank you, Led Zeppelin), it’s not a single jump. There are seven stages that get us from Completely Asleep to Awake and Aware.


This is where immediate and profound happenings force you to look at life in a completely new way. Examples of this kind of catalyst are a near-death experience, a life-threatening illness, a breakdown, an undeniable encounter with discarnate beings, or the lightning-strike of meeting and recognizing a destined partner on a soul level.

Slightly gentler, but no less irresistible forces are the death of a loved one or close friend, a divorce, bankruptcy, or another “life situation” that happens in the world on a daily basis — but when it happens to you, your world falls apart.


At this point, relationships, jobs, hobbies, ideologies that used to define who you are and which you took for granted no longer fit, like outgrown clothing.

You may find yourself wanting to split up a long-term partnership, change jobs, move, quit social groups, and otherwise shake up your status quo to make room for the new you that you sense you are becoming.

You have a complete shift in perception of the world as it relates to you. Of all the Stages of Spiritual Awakening, this one is the one that can never be ignored.


Now you’ve awakened to the idea that there is a journey of discovery that awaits you.

And spiritual occurrences show up in your life like a handful of delicious travel brochures: you notice synchronicities; you find that hunches and premonitions are coming more frequently and are more often right than wrong; dreams are more vivid, with clear messages; your senses are more acute than others, especially your Sixth Sense.


When you are a pre-freshman, set to go to college, the first time you get the course catalog with pages and pages listing every course you could take — well, it can be overwhelming.

There is so much to choose from! And all the new people to meet, and the teachers to work with — too delicious by half.

When you find yourself in the Celestial College, you feel the same way: hungry to learn, to have philosophical discussions, to read, to attend classes and workshops, to visit sacred places like Sedona, Arizona or Glastonbury Tor.

And like all freshman, you know that somewhere in seeking to understand all this knowledge, you will be able to figure out your Major — in this case, your Sentence of Passion, your reason for being here for this incarnation.


At this stage, you know you are where you belong (the Celestial College), and you are getting your head and hands and heart wholly involved in the learning.

You know it’s time to discover and develop your personal spiritual gifts.

Meditation becomes a joy, even if it’s difficult in the beginning.

You seek out ways to get your mind and body and spirit in alignment with Yoga, Qi Gong or other sacred centering methods.

You study ways of self-healing and energy healing. You seek to speak with your guides and angels on your own. You put your vision of the world out in some creative fashion.

You soak in spirituality, metaphysics and Spiritual Awakening constantly and with joy.


In the Stages of Spiritual Awakening, this is where you take over directing your own Life Road.

You teach, you mentor, you guide; you answer questions for yourself and others as requested.

You walk your talk, you speak your truth, you change your life as you need to, eliminating points of stress and places where you can no longer be your Authentic Self.

You find your own unique Life-story to share with others as you encourage them to find their own.


In the final stage, you can look back on where you started in gratitude and wonder.

Fears have been transmuted. Challenges become opportunities. You GET to get up every morning, you don’t HAVE to get up every morning.

You are living and creating and sharing your bliss. Unconditional love and trust is your natural state.

You live not just in three dimensions and five senses, but celestially, miraculously, and having left ego behind in favor of your True Soul Self.

The Stages of Spiritual Awakening can come all at once or over many years’ time. But the most important thing to know is that they DO come, to all of us, if we want them and are willing to do the work when they arrive. So if you are ready for your Spiritual Awakening, just look up to the sky — and ask.



Corbie Mitleid

Psychic medium & channel since 1973. Author. Certified Tarot Master, past life specialist. I take my work seriously, me not so much.