Say No to Compulsory Secret Santa-ism

I got hit up again this year by a friend of a friend with the Secret Santa ploy. The one that asks you to ask your friends to participate, and you’ll get more gifts than you give and isn’t that wonderful…

I clicked. And blocked.

Then I sat and gave thought to why I am so uncomfortable with these “Secret Santa” things that go around this time of year.

To me, giving a gift is a privilege. It means you can afford to do it. It means you either care enough about the person in specific, or the situation in general (giving to the homeless; those who have no Christmas and can’t afford one; people in battle areas like Ukraine or who have been in natural disasters like tornadoes or hurricanes) that you want to make a concrete gesture of love, support, faith, gratitude.

I am by no means rich. In fact, I am probably less well off that a great majority of my friends, which is why cavalierly finding money to gift people who could care less is problematical.

Instead of monetary riches, I have a roof over my head.

A supportive and caring husband.

Affectionate furkids.

An inner circle of precious friends that I love and trust.

A job I love and the equipment to make it work.

I have a great deal of what is important.

None of which came or were affected by any Secret Santa gift I have ever received.

Are there things I might want? Oh, sure. But they are not **things.**

They are relationships, they are partnerships, they are supportive entities, they are opportunities. They are people and they are intangibles, not things.

There is no Secret Santa in the world that can give me relationships. Those must be acknowledged, accepted, trusted, cherished and honored.

The only Secret Santa who can give me opportunities is Source itself.

And no amount of putting my name on a list is going to get those things to arrive in my mailbox unexpectedly from someone who doesn’t know me from Adam’s house cat.

So: I invite you to be a little Scrooge-y this year. Say NO to the Secret Santa ploy.

Because the amount to spend is usually quite small, whatever you would gift isn’t likely to be something that would be loved or last for years anyway.

If YOU aren’t attached to the gift — and when you’re a Secret Santa that’s the name of the game — how can any energy and thought you put in the gift be cherished?

It can’t.

Instead, be Scrooge in the Final Act. Gift with love and abandon where and as you can. Do it because you want to. Do it because it will make a difference to those who receive it.

If you like the idea of being a Secret Santa, do it by donating coats to kids who have none.

Get a game and leave it at the Toys for Tots bin.

Order cat and dog food to be sent to your local shelter.

Make up Christmas boxes of both necessities AND treats for those who need such things, and donate them to your local support center.

And as for those 725 little knick-knacks that are worse than useless but expected at this time of year?

Bah, humbug.



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Corbie Mitleid

Psychic medium & channel since 1973. Author. Certified Tarot Master, past life specialist. I take my work seriously, me not so much.