Psychic Development: The Basics

There are tons of psychic development books out there, so I spend my time teaching people how to FIND the right psychics, if they don’t want to do the work on their own.

But when they finally decide that it looks like too much fun and adventure to miss out on, I give them the basics.

1. GROUND…CENTER…SHIELD. These are vital skills. It’s the same as if you were going out hunting, scuba diving or flying an airplane. Until you learned basic safety, were absolutely clear on the technical parts of the equipment, and had many, many hours of practice and training, you wouldn’t be considered safe!

What is Grounding? It’s just what it sounds like. Think about what it means outside the metaphysical realm when someone says, “that person is really grounded.” It means they are steady, stable, and present. For a novice Lightworker, being grounded is all that and more.

A standard exercise is either sitting (feet on the ground, arms and legs crossed), or standing with feet slightly apart and finding your balance.

Then, imagine roots growing out of your feet, diving deep down to the center of the earth.

Know that Gaia (Mother Earth) is welcoming your roots, helping you stabilize yourself and accepting any negative energy within you that you’d like Her to transmute and clear.

This connection is so important — it reminds you that you are connected to All That Is, and not walking this road alone!

Centering, the second step, is where you bring the energy that you are pulling up from the Earth and hold it in your physical center — your heart or your solar plexus, depending on where you truly “feel it.” Centering is the process of being completely present in your body. It is being aware of your boundaries, your senses, your wholeness. We have our attention split dozens of ways in this multitasking world, but centering asks you to bring everything back to Home Base.

Breathing — deep, even breathing — will help you be aware of your self, your cells, your Beingness as you bring yourself back to the Central Point.

Shielding is the third part of this basic exercise. Shielding won’t help you avoid being hit by a bus. Nor are we suggesting that there are Big Evil Things always lurking around the corner to get you.

But shielding is about protecting yourself from distracting energies, other people’s negativity, or the general miasma of the world today.

If you are going into a highly charged situation (a bad neighborhood, a difficult business meeting, a court appointment, or even a holiday get-together with the family), shielding will blunt and buffer the effects of people and situations whose energy clashes with yours unless, or until, you specifically want to engage with it.

The easiest form of shielding is to imagine yourself in an egg or bubble of White Light stretching at least two to three feet beyond your actual body. If you want a real-life example, think of a hamster in a hamster ball running around the living room floor safe from Muffin or Max, the bigger four-legged family pets!

II. MEDITATE. Every day. Meditation isn’t just for those who are interested in Eastern religious practices. Meditation is an absolute necessity to keep your one-pointed focus strong and sharp.

Think of someone trying to cook: they are dealing with knives, fire under the pots, and other things that can be dangerous if their focus is distracted by a whining child, the phone constantly beeping with messages, or the pets running underfoot. In order to successfully prepare the meal, the cook may have to order everyone OUT, shut the phone off, and put the pets in another room or in the yard.

Or consider working on a large project for a chief client. The finished product is how you ultimately present yourself to your superiors, your customers, and your teammates. If you’ve been given a complicated assignment, or a lot is riding on the result, you’ll want everyone and everything to LEAVE YOU ALONE until it is completed to your satisfaction.

Working in the spiritual and metaphysical realm will have you connecting with and encountering events, energies and beings that you have not met before.

In order to understand them, stay safe, and interact with them successfully, you will need to have a mind that cannot be easily or quickly distracted. Mishandling energies or leaving your shielding down because you’re distracted can be as dangerous as confidentiality breached, or the too-long sleeve brushing by the open flame.

One unguarded moment, and you’re in trouble.

There are also positive aspects of meditation as well as protection. When you learn to shut down the constant “squirrels in the brain” — the carping voices and nagging reminders — you’ll feel calmer. You’ll find yourself able to think more objectively. You will actually feel stronger, restored, and replenished — ready to deal with the everyday world as well as those interesting events that happen during your spiritual explorations.

Meditation doesn’t necessarily mean sitting on a zafu cushion staring at the wall, however. There are many ways of going about the exercise: something as simple as concentrating on your breathing can slow the mind and bring you peace at your center.

When you notice your breathing, don’t get caught up in its rhythm or the number of breaths per minute. Simply notice the breath, observe it going in and out, and feel it in your body. If you notice yourself thinking and losing focus, don’t berate yourself. Just make a mental note, Thinking — and return to paying attention to your breath.

As little as ten minutes a day of meditation can get you started on this path of serenity and focus.

III. KEEP TRACK OF YOUR PROGRESS WITHOUT JUDGING IT. There’s an old saying: “One ‘oh crud’ erases ten ‘good jobs.’”

In other words, we tend to remember the dumb mistakes and botched efforts, and dismiss the on-target experiences as coincidence, or imagined.


Don’t do that to yourself. That’s why it’s vital to keep a pad and pen (or open computer window in your Notes application) so you can keep close track of your hunches, your gut feelings, your unusual observations, your initial readings and explorations.

Don’t let your fear of being wrong cause you to deny a message from Spirit. Messages come in many ways and at unexpected times; if a message doesn’t resemble what you read in How to Become a Metaphysical Master in a Year and a Day, that doesn’t mean it isn’t valid.

My mediumship is done in a style that I haven’t seen with anyone else. But it works for me. My clients tell me that when I get their Uncle Irving, I get it right, with all the details and nuances. And they get to talk to Uncle Irving directly.

I do not have the “wiring” to do mediumship the way John Holland or James Van Praagh does it. But if I thought that was the ONLY way mediumship worked, there are thousands of people who would have missed the experiences they had with me in talking to the Other Side.

Along with this, it’s all right to be a little skeptical, a little picky about the information you’re getting.

Assuming everything you’re getting is honest and correct is just as bad as assuming it’s all wrong.

Trial and error happens within learning to use your extrasensory talents, too. If you find that using psychometry (reading the energy in an object) only yields correct information for you about one-third of the time, but Tarot and Oracle cards seem to fly from your hands with a far greater percentage of accuracy, then pay attention to how you’re naturally wired.

I’d encourage you to keep working on the psychometry (or whatever skill is tougher for you to master) because it’s always good to put another skill in your bag. But don’t assume you have to be as fabulous with one tool as you are with another.

And keep a journal. I’m not talking about a grown-up “Dear Diary” exercise, but a place where you can record your experimentation, your adventures on the Path, and your thoughts about your Journey. Pagans, Wiccans and Witches have Books of Shadows, and Alchemists have their Hermetica. You, too, should have a central place where you keep track of your metaphysical adventures.

So if you’ve decided that it’s time to start learning about your own psychic abilities — start with these skills, and welcome to the Path! You will probably find, like so many thousands of us, that it’s a road well worth taking.



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Corbie Mitleid

Psychic medium & channel since 1973. Author. Certified Tarot Master, past life specialist. I take my work seriously, me not so much.