Praise and Blame, All the Same

“Praise and blame, all the same.” It’s a favorite saying of a very wise friend and mentor of mine. It was clearly in evidence last week.

One day, I received two emails full of complaint:

a negative review on Best Psychic Directory saying I did not answer her question (I did, but she didn’t like the answer)

and a direct email from someone I read earlier this month, excoriating me for my callousness and cruelty during her session with me, and saying I was clearly in this only for the “paycheque.”

And on the same day, I received two emails from other clients:

one saying how I had changed their life because of my generosity with sharing my knowledge on my website through many articles

and a note about how kind and compassionate I was in the client’s last session, clearly caring so much about the people who came to me.

Those things used to send me into a tailspin or euphoria, depending on whether they were unhappy or happy with me.

I’d panic at the first, thinking perhaps I was in the wrong business, or I was losing my abilities.

The second would right my ship, and I was able to put the nasty missives aside — but only then.

In other words, I allowed other people to gauge my worth, as if my own self-understanding had no meaning.

After nearly two decades of full-time psychic work, such things bother me less and less. I’m always glad that I have helped someone in good ways — that never goes away — but for the rest, I merely send them blessings on their journey, and release the energy.

Ego, in the psychic business, is always a tricky beast to work with.

It’s inescapable, because ego is what the soul creates to do our work while on the Earth plane.

But the more you can wean it away from the need to be fed by others — the more you can keep it quiet and centered in its own space — the better your work, the saner your life, and the clearer your skills will remain.



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Corbie Mitleid

Corbie Mitleid

Psychic medium & channel since 1973. Author. Certified Tarot Master, past life specialist. I take my work seriously, me not so much.