One-Minute Reality Check

Corbie Mitleid
1 min readMar 25, 2023

Cloudy, cold Saturday. And I made the mistake of reading some seriously doom-gloom-we’re-all-toast-especially-if-you’re-old-in-America articles first thing this morning.

“Doomscrolling” really is a thing, I think…

In this reality moment: one reading today, prep for next Tuesday’s Soul Plan reading, some cooking, some grocery shopping.

Time on the treadmill, time with the stretching and balancing exercises.

Reminding myself that while I may be 68 I am a HEALTHIER 68 than the vast majority of my 65+ compatriots.

That my mind is still sharp and my creativity still multifaceted.

And that today is really all we ever have, so to waste it thinking about what shadows my personal tomorrows might have is the wrong kind of energy to call.

Grab your day.

Take it right down to the rind.

Every single second is a gift and a chance to live deeply.



Corbie Mitleid

Psychic medium & channel since 1973. Author. Certified Tarot Master, past life specialist. I take my work seriously, me not so much.