Never Ask A Psychic These Questions!

Corbie Mitleid
6 min readJan 31, 2022
There are some questions we really don’t need to answer for you.

The most ridiculous reading I was ever asked to do came from someone in Canada who expected their entire life to be detailed for them.

When I go to a psychic, I want really detailed answers about what is going on in my life, but they never seem to give me enough. My last psychic wouldn’t answer these questions, was she being unfair?

Tell my spirit guide I need to know the terms of the new contract for the new loan with ___ and ___ plus details of god’s [sic] plan for them to make up for botching the ___ deal and what they need to do to rectify this, plus what can they be doing at the store to make it more successful.

What is upsetting ___ and what needs to be done to have her stay at our store and when does this have to be resolved by?

What has ___ offered to entice her away from the store and what future plans does ___ have to sabotage ___ and ___’s business at the store?

I need to know if the Archangel still wants the income tax department notified of fraudulent activity by ___ and what information should be given and will I incur any displeasure from God or is this part of his plan.

Will my spirit guide help me win the lottery and how will that affect my future plans with this current house and the business and moving out of the country?

Should I go to ___? Why should I go? Should I go with my husband? When should I go to the location/address of the property I am to buy and what am I meant to do there?

What does the Archangel want me to know about ___ and should we stay with her in ___?

Will ___ lose the store because she has lost God’s favor and what has she done to cause this to happen and if so what can she do to regain God’s favor?

Those kinds of questions…one cup of coffee isn’t nearly enough.

Getting those questions first thing in the morning…trust me, that was a two-pots-of-coffee day…

I’ve intentionally omitted the name of the person who dumped this in my email. But when a client goes overboard like this, they’ve crossed the line between using psychic advice and shrugging off responsibility for their own life.

Don’t ask if you’ll win the lottery.

FIRST: Questions like “will I win the lottery” are absolutely NOT the sort of questions that a spirit guide will answer.

Look, they’re happy to guide you to live a good life, full of learning and accomplishments. But winning the lottery doesn’t DO that. It’s got nothing to do with anything but money.

It doesn’t strengthen you, give you wisdom, or move you along your journey’s Path, and those are the kinds of things your Upstairs folks want to work on with you.

Your spirit guide is not your tax accountant.

SECOND: Questions asking for dozens of details, such as your relationship with the tax department or the precise ins and outs of a business contract with an adversary, are worldly questions.

Spirit guides and angels frankly don’t care one way or the other. Simple analysis, recognizing and owning what you want to do, what appears to be best in a given situation, and working toward that goal — that’s YOUR job.

And while your psychic might be able to shed some light on possible outcomes through a more predictive method — such as Tarot — we’re talking POSSIBLE outcomes there, not absolutes.

If you constantly allow your actions to be dictated by what someone else tells you, you’re kicking your free will to the curb — exactly what we’re NOT here to do.

Too many questions makes you a target for the fakes and phonies.

And you’re setting yourself up for those sleazy readers who know they can keep you on the hook with vague threats to your well-being, holes in your aura that need repair, and as much claptrap as they can get you to swallow (while you line their pockets).

If you make some mistakes, well, join the schoolroom, human. Mistakes and so-called “failures” are rerouted opportunities. The faster you accept that, the faster you can change your OWN life.

No, God isn’t mad at ANYONE.

THIRD: Questions like “will such and such happen because so and so has lost God’s favor” are impossible to answer because YOU CAN’T LOSE GOD’S FAVOR.

God isn’t like our third-grade best friend who likes us on Tuesday and turns her back on us on Thursday! That’s “kindergarden God” — and usually used to make you behave a certain way for someone else’s advantage. God is so much bigger than our little peabrained selves. It stands for unconditional love, and It doesn’t take sides.

You have knowledge and responsibility for your own life. Use it.

As for the rest, if you’re spending so much time writing down all these questions and then waiting for a psychic — or a spirit guide speaking through the psychic — to give the answers when you should be consulting your own knowledge and responsibility… my friend, you’re wasting your time and money.

To any client, I say that if you come away from this discussion with one piece of information fixed in your mind, make it this: YOU are the one who can heal your own life, meet your own challenges, and create your own Karma. No one else.

Don’t ask us to do remote spying.

Nor, Karmically, have you got the right to insist on getting information on what other people are thinking, what they mean to do or what you are supposed to do to or about them through me. That’s remote spying, and I refuse to do that.

You are only in charge of your own life. And let me remind you again: the psychic who tells you all the myriad details you are asking for KNOWS your free will is theirs for the taking. It’s only a short step from asking “what do I do” about every move to a psychic saying, “if you don’t do such-and-such (and pay me a lot of extra money to do it for you) then your life will be cursed!”

Clients like this get shown the door.

I sent this person packing. Politely but firmly. They clearly didn’t understand how to work with a psychic in order to empower themselves, and no amount of my instructing them on the real ins-and-outs was going to change their mind.

With someone like that, all I can do is say “Blessings on your journey” and show them the door.



Corbie Mitleid

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