I Suppose I’ll Never Be Rich

Corbie Mitleid
3 min readSep 12, 2023

This came across my feed this morning. I’m not posting the whole thing, but just these paragraphs:

“ I love VIP Days, because not only are they life-changing for my clients, but I truly enjoy them. And I can offer them while we travel to match our family’s portable lifestyle and income goals throughout the year.

My clients love hosting their own VIP days as well. I’ve helped clients add these to their business models — and charge between $3K — $20K per day package, depending on their type of business, clients, and other factors.”

Twenty thousand dollars? Because I tout something as a VIP Day?

That’s not why I do what I do.

Now, I understand money is energy. I understand that I am a worthy critter and I am open to largess and a lovely life. But I cannot and will not focus on how much money I can cadge from a client, no matter how many good reasons you throw at me.

In this world, charging $20K for a day with a life coach means that only 1%ers can take advantage of your vast knowledge. And it’s a come-on. I watched two of my Canadian friends go nearly bankrupt buying into James Ray’s World Wealth and Harmonic Wealth visions. Did they get wealthy? HELL to the no — but James Ray did.

If I have something to teach, I will charge what my time is worth, but I will do it fairly. I will (and I do) “downsell” my services, making sure a client isn’t buying a service they don’t need, or the wrong one. If a general session can do what you need, DON’T buy a Soul Plan reading. If you already know your business strategy and just want some clarity on a couple of methods or choices, you don’t need a full Brainstorm Your Business consultation.

When I’m fair to my clients, they can be fair to me in exchange. Is that so hard to grok?

People like me understand that with what we do, it’s NOT helpful for us or our client to focus on the money aspect. Want to work with people like a life coach, or an intuitive counselor? Do what you do because you love it. Trust that you can be compensated fairly. But don’t be like Joel Osteen with the umptymillion dollar mansion who leaves people out to drown in a flood, the way he did when Hurricane Harvey hit Houston.

Osteen is a Taker.

“Taking” and “receiving,” however, are two completely different concepts.

In a landscape full of takers, remember that “receiving” happens when you have also given in full measure.

I promise — you’ll get more, on more levels, than you can imagine.



Corbie Mitleid

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