Can a Psychic Reading Be Too Specific?

Clients want to know absolutely EVERYTHING about their love life — which isn’t the best way to go about it.

Looking for love. SO many clients come in with that as a focus. And they tell me “I had a reading a few weeks ago and the psychic told me the woman I would want to marry was a Gemini with light hair and dark eyes, her name started with an L, she is not in the country but she will be by June when I meet her, her family comes from a law background, she likes to travel and write, that I shouldn’t rush things, and there will be someone jealous of the relationship…” And they want to know if that is absolutely accurate.

Frankly, I shy away from those kinds of predictions. Why? Sure, that woman may come into the client’s life exactly as foretold. But what if there is ANOTHER woman — just as suitable, just as right for him — who would lead them on another, equally valid, lifepath?

Now that the client is focused on Miss L, by the psychic’s prediction, they’ll likely ignore the second possible relationship. And that, my friends, short-circuits choice and free will.

My belief is that psychics can be mentors, but we must never be gurus. And while there have been true avatars on earth (think Paramahansa Yogananda, for instance), a psychic won’t be one of them.

What’s the difference?

A mentor is someone who pushes your “learning envelope” a bit further than you think you can go. They push you out of the “comfort nest” a bit before you think you’re ready, and encourage you to fly on your own. And they will cheer you on as you become as good (or better!) in the same field. (Prime example: Meryl Streep clutching her Oscar and thanking her Yale drama professor.)

In other words, they believe in your ability to govern your own life and have a high level of skill.

Psychics should be mentors — never gurus.

A false “guru,” on the other hand, often has all-or-nothing rules to follow, and encourages you to believe that THEY, and they alone, have all your answers. Sooner or later, they are discovered to be ordinary folks with feet of clay, and are rapidly toppled from their pedestals.

A good psychic helps you choose by showing you options, but nothing is written in stone. Even the order in which you do your errands can shape a future.

For instance, if you go to the grocery store before the pharmacy, you could be hit by a truck. Reversing the order of the errands means the truck and you are nowhere near each other — and you live.

There are lots of twists and turns to get you to Happiness on your Life Road.

I have testimonials that tell me how accurate I am — that things happened in the order in which I talked about them during a reading. I’m always pleased to hear that, but I deliberately don’t focus on my “percentage of accuracy” because then I’m concentrating on me, my ego, and my statistics.

And my work is not about my ego at all. I am not important.

What’s important is you as my client. All I ever do is ask that God/Spirit/Source and your Guides give me the information that you need, so I can lay it out for you. As a result, I am generally very good at telling you about Life’s pathways, twists and turns — but I don’t name every rock, tree, and bug you’ll pass on your journey!

Don’t allow a perfect stranger to blueprint your life. You don’t want a prefab existence. You’re your own architect, and you have every right to build a life with infinite possibilities.



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