Calling GenZs and GenAlphas Interested in Metaphysics and Spirituality

Corbie Mitleid
3 min readMay 7, 2023

Are you 25 and under?

Do real magick, psychic stuff, metaphysics and “out there” possibilities seriously intrigue you?

Then you’re the ones I want to talk to.

A year or so ago, I started writing a book called ELDER AND APPRENTICE with a brilliant 15 year old metaphysician who was also my Tarot student.

The idea was great, but the execution…not so much.

You see, my student was in some ways a very typical 15 year old — lots of interests, not enough time — and is also a family member on a working farm. So the assignments, the structure of writing a book — let’s say it was clearly not in her wheelhouse within two months’ time.

Still, the book is needed.

Why am I just addressing GenZ and GenAlpha?

Because YOU are the ones I need to listen to. Face it: life was better (or at least easier) when Boomers were growing up. And these reasons illustrate why:

Fascism stayed where it had been shoved — in the recent past, in the darkness.

Political compromise was possible for the good of the country.

Wage inequality wasn’t nearly as insurmountable as it is now.

We didn’t believe that climate disaster and mass extinctions could make the world uninhabitable in our lifetimes.

We didn’t fear being murdered when we went to school.

We didn’t fear being shot in the head because of our life choices: who we loved, who we voted for, how we viewed women’s rights, whether or not we believed science.

What I’m doing right now is putting together a new volume just for you.

Here’s what I’m thinking. The old ideas of a spiritual Elder and a novice/Apprentice didn’t really need to change for decades, in a sense maybe even centuries.

But the world has changed almost beyond recognition. That means what we as Elders need to give you is also going to change.

Rather than my guessing at what that might be, I want your input. Write to me — tell me what it is that Elders of whatever stripe don’t get about what you need to learn… what drives you crazy about us… what you really need from us.

If you could computer-build your own Elder and have it come to life, what would you include?

Write to me at

The ones who have the most to say, the most passion, the most cogent answers to these questions are the ones I’m going to want to interview in a really deep dish way, so I can write this book in a useful way for you.

What do you want to see from a spiritual/metaphysical Elder?

What do you need from us?

What do you not need from us?

What do you want to learn?

What would give you the strength and courage and fierceness to go on in the world carrying your light and your knowledge?

Share your thoughts with me, so we can, together, put something out into the world that speaks to BOTH of us — the Elders who need to discover teaching in a new way, and the Apprentices who are ready to take the world and light it up with their own genius.

Write to me at



Corbie Mitleid

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