Being Extraordinary When Facing The Dark

There is a great deal of buzz about coming down to the times of Change, the End Times, the Death of the America we know, and more.

Whether or not we are in line for forced birthing camps, military law, terrorist attacks, the need to flee the United States — and I have seen all of this talked about — I want you to remember one thing: you have chosen to be here, now.

It’s part of your prebirth plan. You have a part to play, or you simply would not be alive at this moment.

You are neither cattle to be stampeded nor sheep to be led to slaughter.

Each one of you is a human being with every bit as much potential in you as you had before the Pandemic, the Capitol insurrection, the climate catastrophes, inflation or the Supreme Court injustices. No matter what is ahead for you, and for all of us, you can choose how to respond.

You can fear it.

You can hate it.

Or you can decide to be Extraordinary, and live an Extraordinary Life in the midst of all of it.

Extraordinary doesn’t mean glamorous, famous or rich. Extraordinary means a life “out of the ordinary.” Past the numbed-out, apathetic, tell-me-what-I-should-think, instantly-gratified life that passes for ordinary these days.

It’s time to wake up, and be intensely alive for as long as you have — whether a day, or weeks, or years.

No matter how the change goes, one life can affect another.

One person can believe in another.

A hand can reach out with a gun, or a bomb — or a loaf of bread, or a shovel, or a bunch of medicinal herbs, or a grip on a shoulder that needs a bit of stiffening to go on.

We need fearless people now, people who can lead, who can inspire, who believe in themselves and the fact that in even the worst of us, Good resides.

All this while they man the shovels, bake the bread, comfort the sick and dying, and hold fast to their vision of a better future.

Change is inevitable. It is how it’s met that makes the difference.

And as the years roll on, we will need Storytellers who remember backward and look forward and can make the words sing like starlight and ring the heart like fire and fill the blood with courage, and hope.

So — do the work.

Tell the stories.

Be here now.

And trust that you can still and always be Extraordinary.

Passing the Signal, with gratitude to those Tribemates, senseis and colleagues who taught me to do so. You know who you are.



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