86 the Judgements

Corbie Mitleid
3 min readAug 19, 2022

A couple of years ago, I had a surprising but interesting morning…

The folks at Sap Bush were shorthanded, so I got to put on an apron and channel Flo from the 1970s sitcom.

I’d waitressed in college. It was like riding a bike. When dishes needed doing, I did them. Where help was needed, I pitched in. I didn’t figure out whether I knew how, or what people were expecting. I just did it, asking questions where appropriate so I knew the routine.

In short order (pun intended), I was juggling dishes, rattling off the different salad dressings and desserts of the day, and schmoozing with folks that were visitors to the area, rather than locals. I even reminded folks of the old waitress lingo of “86” — as in “86 the tomato” when the sun-dried tomato quiche ran out.

I did my Fitbit 10,000 steps that morning and then some — and had an absolute blast.

So here’s a question for you: when was the last time you just gleefully pitched in somewhere, without worrying about whether it was right, whether you would know it all, whether you could do it? Especially whether the people deserved your help at all?

See if you can step into a situation this week with no preconceptions and help out. Be completely present. Love the hell out of it. And see how you feel afterwards.

Because you see, that’s a great deal of what is missing in today’s fearful, tearful, rageful Us v. Them energy that pervades this country. We have forgotten what it’s like just to help, rather than judge whether the other person DESERVES it, or if we will get something back from doing it.

Kindness feeds on itself — just like hatred, just like fear, just like despair. Kindness grows. Kindness seeds itself in hearts that may have forgotten what it’s like.

86 the judgments.

There’s better stuff in your heart’s kitchen anyway.

Corbie Mitleid

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